Shavasana Benefits and Steps to Corpse Pose

Shavasana or Corpse Pose is a very popular posture in Yoga. It is usually practiced at the end of each yoga session. Shavasana is the easiest way to release mental stress and physical fatigue. When performed in a proper way it also leads to Spiritual Growth.

Everybody knows the meaning of Shava or dead body very well. Livingly keeping the body in the state of death is called Shavasana. In fact, before starting any asana session, it can be done for some time. But Shavasana or Corpse Pose is a necessary practice after completing the Asana session. Therefore, Yogis often use this asana as a closing or cooling posture.

Steps to Shavasana

Sit quietly for a few moments on your sitting posture. After that, straighten the legs and lie turning sideways on the left side, taking the help of hands.

Keep hands on the ground folded from the elbows side by side.

The chest, face and the complete left side of the body is touching the ground now.

Keep the left leg straight and the right leg slightly bent from the knee. Stay in this position for some time.

After that become straight and lie on your back. Keep both hands in the side of the body from your shoulders.

The palms will be straight i.e. towards the sky, fingers will be slightly bent.

Spread both the legs to some extent, it can be one and a half to two feet. Do not spread them more than that.

Now inhale slowly. After that go on tightening the body a little bit. Just like filling the air in a tube or balloon, it gets tight. Similarly inflate the chest by stretching all the naadis of the body, a little.

Then, while exhaling try to leave the entire body loose. As the tube gets punctured and spreads, Gets loose, similarly leave the body completely loose.

Repeat the procedure two or three times, tightening the body while inhaling the breath and to loosen the body while exhaling. In the second or third breath, While you exhale, leave the body completely loose. Then both the feet and toes will almost go to sleep. Let the neck rest wherever it goes voluntarily. This is mainly the external situation of Shavasana.

Meditation with Shavasana

The main thing is that here you have to be devoid of thoughts, which is the most difficult thing. The best yogis cannot reach the state thoughtlessness, even after years of practice. So initially, a simple solution is to look at your breath movements.

If the breath is being inhaled, then the breath with the contaminated air is also being released out from inside. The time one takes to breathe in, the same time should be taken to exhale. Is it the same? Put the mind in this calculation. The mind will tend to move somewhere else and it will definitely move. But bringing it back to breath movements is your job. Practice the Corpse pose this way continuously and regularly and the process will become easier.

Alternatively try to lose yourself in the thoughts of God you have faith or in the chanting of a mantra. You can also opt to focus on a single point if you feel it comfortable. This is what the effort is to do.

Your attention will wander in a few moments. but you have to bring it back to the dharana that you have chosen. When you practice regularly, slowly this deviation of mind will become lesser. If you practice this concentrating more and more time at your target point, then soon you can also reach the state of thoughtlessness.

Bringing the whole body to Rest

There is another process that shall be done like the procedure given on the attainment of Shavasana when we leave the body completely loose. As we did to make our mind silent. Similarly, we will have to bring lower body parts at rest starting from bottom to top. Thus, the different parts such as toes, the base of feet, ankles, calves, knees, thighs, etc. have to be seen and ordered respectively to come to rest. We need to see and to feel that these parts are gradually coming to rest.

While viewing every part of the whole body, feel that every part is going lifeless or coming to rest. The more your will power increases, the more it will have a real impact on these parts. In this way you can make your whole body inanimate and achieve the real state of Corpse Pose.

Shavasana is one of the easier ways to practice meditation. Yoga Nidra is the popular name for these processes. Practice as much as you have time in a similar fashion. You have to lie down in the Shavasana. After that, in the same order, you loosely inanimate the different parts of the body.

Waking Up from the Corpse Pose

Now again look at them from top to bottom, and order them to wake up. Feel them getting back to life and revived. Feel new life, new strength, and new energy in them. When the whole body becomes enlightened (awake), lie down for some time. Then slowly turn sideways on your right side.

The hands and the legs will remain in the same position as you were lying on the left side. This means now the left leg will come forward. The knee is kept slightly bent and the hands are likewise placed slightly around the forehead bent around the elbows.

After lying in the same position for some time, slowly get straight (in the previous state of corpse pose), stay in this position for some time. Then slowly come to your first position i.e. on the left side. Wait for some time, and then sit down very patiently with the support of both hands.

Make a little friction between the palms of both hands. Rub the palms on your face. Open your eyes while looking at the palms. Gently lengthen the legs. Perform a kind of massage with your hands that is gently move your hands over the whole body. After that, stand up slowly.

Benefits of Shavasana

The Practitioner relieves from exhaustion caused by hours of labor within a few minutes. We can also say that the rest of hours is obtained in minutes with this asana. This is the best asana for heart patients, they must do it. Also, it is very beneficial in mental disorders. You will get relief from nervousness, mental tension, stress, anxiety and physical fatigue. Sportspersons, students, and those who do mental work must use the Corpse Pose whenever needed to get freshness. Laziness, lethargy, insomnia will be cured miraculously. You will feel full of vitality and freshness after the Shavasana.

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