Morning Meditation for a Healthy Body and Mind

Meditation Description

Dhyana or Meditation is the seventh limb of Patanjali’s 8 Limbs of Yoga. Concentrating the mind on a single point is called Dhyana. Meditation is one of the most Powerful Yoga Practice as it increases the focus and concentration of mind. The mind is the Creator that manifests the World around us hence Dhyana is a very important practice in Ashtanga Yoga. Morning Meditation is an effective tool to get even higher Meditation Benefits. There are several techniques of Meditation that must be followed thoroughly otherwise Dhyana is difficult to master. In Dhyana, you have to focus on and control the mind. Since the Mind has agile and fickle nature it is difficult to attain Dhyana in the beginning. Researches tell us that we get several thousand thoughts in a day. When you meditate your mind tends to roam to other thoughts. Your job is to pull the mind back to the point on which you started concentrating. As the frequency of thoughts is very high one has to do this pulling back several times. But as one continues to practice these interventions reduce and Dhyana becomes easier. Dhyana is a step higher to Dharana. Thus, Dharana prepares you for Meditation. This is why Maharshi Patanjali has taught to master and practice Dharana before Dhyana. Meditation increases the efficiency of the mind by several folds. When the Yogi masters the art of Meditation and learns to control the mind, he simply gets the victory over Fear, Hatred, Greed, and Negativity.

Types of Meditation Techniques

How to do Morning Meditation

Meditation can be practiced at any time in the day. But Meditation in the morning has its own extra benefits. When the mind is Fresh it works with higher efficiency. In the morning your mind is fresh and it dries up till the night. But if you perform Morning Meditation you can keep the freshness of mind for a longer duration of time so that you can maximize your work efficiency. You can choose from these simple techniques and start your morning meditation. Please note that different people get results in varying proportions with different techniques. Hence you shall try more than two of these techniques at least 5 days each. Then decide yourself which one, is the best for you and works with the best results.

Breathe Meditation

Just sit straight in Padmasana or Sukhasana with your spine erect. Keep your head forward. You can also perform this meditation laying down if you feel more comfortable with it. Take deep breathes slow. Try to Concentrate on the point of breath by observing the breathing movement. Your thoughts may distract the process in the beginning but don’t mind it. Bring back your focus and continue to observe the breath. This will relax your mind and body. Also when you continue the practice for a few weeks the intensity and frequency of distracting thoughts will decrease. This simple Morning Meditation will help you to maintain your peace of mind for a longer duration of time. Try it and see the results it brings.

Guided Meditation

Guided Meditation is a Simple Technique when you listen to someone and follow the steps instructed. This method is more effective as the probability of distractions is lesser. Some Instructors will use Energy Flow Methods such as feel the energy flowing from the Universe to your heart or head. It is a great method, to begin with because you utilize the experience of the Instructor in it. Healing videos are also very effective in this class. Healing removes mental blocks and makes you free from stress.

Mindful Meditation

Mindful Meditation is being aware of everything that is happening and living in the very present moment. It is an act of increasing action to reaction ratio. In mindful meditation, we look at everything and try not to be affected by any of those things happening around. Focus on what is going on in your body both inside and outside. It is worthy to note here that Awareness and getting affected are two different things. Notice the movement of your hand or leg. Observe the breathing movement and the thoughts flowing in your mind. Try to stay as comfortable as you can. If you have learned Pratyahara you will love practicing this Meditation Technique.

Mantra Meditation

In this technique, you use a mantra and repeat it several times. This is the most effective way in pursuance of God. Sages use this technique to get Supreme knowledge and Moksha. When you repeat a Mantra for say 108 times it brings Faith in you and as everybody knows Faith has the power to move mountains. Chanting Mantra with belief in mind and heart creates Miracles. This process helps to strengthen the bonding of your Soul with the Prime Soul you are chanting the mantra. You can use a Marble or Rudraksha Garland in this technique. Some of the most Powerful Mantra used for Mantra Meditation

Benefits of Morning Meditation at a Glance

  • Meditation is extremely helpful in dealing with Stress Problems like Anxiety, Depression, and Insomnia.
  • It brings Miracles when we talk about Focus and Concentration.
  • Dhyana also Sharpens the Mind.
  • It reduces the blood pressure levels
  • Meditation strengthens the Immune System of the body.
  • It helps in improving Impulsive Nature and improves the Stability of Mind.
  • Dhyana develops Sixth Sense and improves Visualization capacity.
  • Meditation improves Memory and brings Peace of Mind.
  • It increases the Agility of Mind and reduces Mental Fatigue.
  • It is useful in dealing with Migraine and Panic Attacks.


Meditation is the most Popular Limb of 8 Limbs of Yoga after Asana. In Buddhism, it is practiced in various classes and in the form of several techniques. Morning Meditation is more effective than practiced at any other time. In the beginning, one may find it difficult to attain Dhyana. But regular practice makes Dhyana Easy and Fun. If you are bothered by Mental Blocks then you must try Meditation for long run relief. Various techniques work differently for different people. Try some of them on a trial basis and choose the one that works best for you. Meditation brings Miracles, If you are unaware of Miracles start meditating today.

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