Dharana in Yoga and How to Practice Dharana Easily

Dharana Description and how to Practice Dharana Easily

Dharana is a Sanskrit word that means To Concentrate. To stabilize on a thought, a thing or a posture is Dharana.  Dharana is a tool that prepares you for Postures and Meditation. Maharshi Patanjali mentioned it as Sixth Limb in his 8 Limbs of Yoga. Dharana is a shorter form of Meditation. By Practicing this, Meditation becomes easier to perform. Hence it is important to know How to Practice Dharana easily. We get several thousand thoughts in a day. These different types of thoughts make mind unstable. Thus, to control the effect of these thoughts a Yogi is recommended to practice Dharana. A Yogi picks a thought and tries to concentrate on it only. It may also be a body posture. Looking continuously at a candle flame or specially designed picture i.e. Traatak kriya. Dharana can be easily understood as to keep something. By performing Dharana the frequency and quantity of negative thoughts can be reduced. It also increases the quality of positive thoughts. It is therefore a process to make positive thoughts continuously flow in mind.

The Importance of focus on Positive Thoughts

When you continue focusing on a single thought that particular thought becomes very powerful and manifests to the real world. This works equally well with both positive and negative thoughts. It is your choice to focus on the one that brings prosperity or the one that brings difficulty. It is recommended to concentrate on positive thoughts. The Practice of Dharana helps one to stabilize his mind easily. It also improves conscience. Practicing Dharana in some specific ways can also cure distorted posture issues. It may also be used to deal with eye sight problems. When practiced regularly it improves the ability and efficiency of all the senses. In Yoga Philosophy Dharana is considered the best filter for isolation of positive thoughts from negative ones. It is one of the Prime Goals of Dharana to enhance the control for selectivity of thoughts. Thus, you become free to choose the thoughts you want to focus on. Using which you can concentrate on your Goals and desired outputs to manifest them to Reality. It is easier to practice Dharana by using a candle flame in the beginning. Some other techniques include use of a marble pyramid or a specially designed picture having some hidden design or image. When you concentrate fully on the picture for a few minutes the hidden image becomes visible to eyes. This practice also helps to improve one’s Visualization Ability which is a very important part of Planning and Management.


The Sixth Limb of Patanjali’s 8 Limbs of Yoga prepares the Yogi for Successful Dhyana (Meditation), Pranayama (Breathe Control) and Asana (Postures). In all these popular Limbs of Ashtanga Yoga one is needed to hold Thoughts or mind (In Dhyana), Breathe (In Pranayama), Posture or body (In Asana). Hence when you know how to practice Dharana easily, these mighty Limbs also become easier to practice. Dharana is an important practice for other Limbs of Ashtanga Yoga. If you have any problems related to senses like sight, hearing, etc. Practicing Dharana can be a very useful cure for long term relief. In the beginning you can use candle flame, pictures or marble pyramids for focusing. It boosts concentration, confidence and positivity.

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