Amazing Benefits to Hot Yoga

Hot Yoga is one of the most popular exercises around the Globe these days. Benefits to Hot Yoga are found exceptionally high due to its bonding with Extra sweating involved in it. People often understand aHot Yoga and Bikram Yoga the same. But Bikram Yoga is just a special work out plan in Hot Yoga.

What is Hot Yoga

It is a modified form of Performing Asana. The difference is that the practitioner perform the Yoga Asana in a relatively hotter and Humid Environment. Hot environment increases sweating that further helps the practitioner with added benefits of Sweating. Sweat is crying Fat hence it is extremely useful in Fat loss and increasing Flexibility.

Bikram Choudhary prepared a special plan of Hot Yoga and named it Bikram Yoga. It is a 90 minute workout that includes 22 Asana and 2 breathing exercises. The Temperature in Bikram Yoga is set fixed to 41 degree centigrade with 40 percent Humidity.

Bikram Yoga became too popular in less time. It lost its popularity in the recent years due to allegations on its founder, Bikram Choudhary.

While this isn’t necessary with all workouts of Hot Yoga. There are no such limitations on time, temperature conditions or number of Asanas to be practiced in Hot Yoga. Your Yoga Instructor may set it as per his Experiences and Study. Different Yoga studios set the temperature anything above the room temperature in a specified range.

Studies suggest that when you workout in hotter environment the Results are Better and Faster that Traditional Yoga Asanas. Hotter environment increases your Fat Burning rate and yields all the benefits of Sweating in addition to benefits of Traditional Yoga.

What are the Benefits to Hot Yoga

It is an Intense Modification of Asanas hence provides the benefits of Asana faster. Since it is an Amalgamation of Yoga with Sweating hence It also yields all the benefits of sweating. The main Benefits to Hot Yoga include

Fat Burn or Weight Loss

Weight Loss is one of the prime applications of Hot Yoga. While you perform Yoga in hot and intense form, it burns extra calories as it is more challenging than Normal Yoga. Researches have shown that you can lose up to the double calories count in Intense Hot Yoga than in Traditional Yoga. The more intense the environment is higher is the calories burning count.

Increases Body Flexibility

Improved Body Flexibility is one of the prime Benefits to Hot Yoga. Experts suggest that whenever you perform Yoga or any other exercises you must warm your body up first. It is easier for warmer muscles to work than for normal ones. Hot Yoga is exceptionally useful in increasing flexibility of muscles in this way.

If you are performing Traditional Yoga you might find it difficult to stretch your body completely in a pose. can be One can practice The same pose in Hot Yoga with much ease.

Skin Nourishment

Continuous Sweating during Hot Yoga helps to remove toxins and unwanted salts from the body. This also purifies blood and thus brings Glow to Skin. Sweating is the best way to remove the toxins from the body through pores of skin.

Proper Functioning of Various Internal Organs

Hot Yoga ensures proper functioning of Heart, Lungs and Kidneys. Since it purifies blood hence it helps in proper functioning of Heart. It also improves pumping rate. It improves Respiratory system including Lungs as it increases metabolism process. Removing impurities, it also deceases the probability of having Kidney Stones.

Pain Relief as the benefit to Hot Yoga

If you are bothered with pain in some specific part of the body, Hot Yoga provides instant relief in it. It produces endorphins in the body that act as Natural Painkillers. The muscles are also relieved by heating effect during Hot Yoga.

Improves Bone Density

The density of bones tends to decrease with age as bones start losing Calcium. It is very profound in women. Studies found Hot Yoga very helpful in imparting strength to bones and improving bone density.

Regulates Blood Sugar Level

There are several Poses in Yoga to improve blood sugar levels. While performing those poses in heated environment, it makes results more profound, easier and quicker.

Helpful in Stress Related Problems

Hot Yoga is very beneficial in stress related problems such as Anxiety and Depression. It helps Nerves to function well thereby decreasing Stress and Negativity.

Precautions to Take while Starting Hot Yoga

Hot Yoga is an extended form of Traditional Yoga and thus your body must be aware of Yoga before you switch to Hot Yoga. You shall start Normal Yoga first and then gradually move to This Intense process.

The intense environment during hot yoga may not suit everybody. Consult your Trainer first and make sure what suits you and what doesn’t.

If you have some serious body disorders then you should not try Hot Yoga. Heart Patients shall take special precautions and must practice in supervision of an Expert. It is better for pregnant women to avoid intense hot yoga.

Take water in plenty amounts as continuous sweating can cause dehydration in the body. Take low calorie drinks to ensure electrolyte balanced in the body.

Wear cloths which are specially designed to deal with sweat. Your dress must be light weight and comfortable in wicking away the sweat.

Set your Goals and monitor the progress after regular intervals. Consult your instructor if your body doesn’t response in the proportions you set. You may need to change your workout plan in that case.


Traditional Asana take time to manifest the desired results. Hot Yoga is the Intense Modified Form of Yoga designed to get results more profound and faster. It is amalgamation of sweating with conventional Asana. Benefits to Hot Yoga are found miraculous but may vary with person to person. You may need to work hard to know what plan and what kind of execution suits your Body. Your body must be little bit of aware of Yoga before you start Hot Yoga.


One must take Safety Precautions while practicing. Don’t expect to get results too fast. Continue your workout, your body will respond and results will follow. Start slowly and Lightly. Increase the pace gradually and don’t hesitate to take consultations from experts.

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